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Tea - Chustin

Charlie stared at the tea bag for a minute and then back at the tea pot in the Windsor kitchen. Justin wasn’t feeling well, and he had commented wishing he had a cuppa before dozing off. After Charlie remembered what a cuppa was, he figured he’d do something nice for his boyfriend and make him tea.

"It shouldn’t be this hard…" Charlie grumbled. But he knew Justin liked his tea a particular way. So he had a bag of english breakfast in his hand, were you supposed to only drink that at breakfast, and he looked at the pot. When Justin drank tea, there were leaves in the bottom of his cup. Charlie examined the bag and then ripped it open, pouring the leaves into the tea pot. That didn’t seem to be enough for the whole tea pot though, so he did the same with 8 more tea bags.

Next was the milk right? Justin always drank it with milk. Or was it creme? Whatever it was the same right? As the water boiled, Charlie poured half of the mug full with 2% milk.

"This is weird," he mused. as he looked in the cupboard for sugar. Charlie couldn’t remember though, if his boyfrined used sugar or honey. Both couldn’t hurt right? He shrugged and squeezed a wholesome amount of honey into the mug of milk before adding 4 or 5 packs of sweet and low.

The kettle boiled and Charlie quickly removed it and poured the pale brown water into the mug. He stirred the contents together, blew on it till it was cool enough and took a sip.

"Blech," Charlie made a face. He had forgotten he didn’t like tea, but it was just how Justin liked it, sort of and he hoped it would help.

"Babe?" Charlie peeked into his room to find Justin sitting on the couch, blowing his nose. "I made you tea…" Justin looked up, surprised.

"You did?" he asked. Charlie nodded and handed him the mug. "Thanks Chaz, that means a lot."

"No problem. I mean, it’s tea, how hard can it be?" Charlie went to his bed, jumping on the mattress and opened his history book. Justin took a sip of the tea and his eyes went wide. He had to restrain from physically gagging and instead all that came out was a strangled cry.

"Too hot?" Charlie asked. Justin coughed a couple time into his handkerchief. It was horrible!

"Yeah, too hot," Justin said. He scraped his teeth on his tongue trying to get the flavor off as he left the tea on the table and crawled onto Charlie’s bed. "I’ll drink it once it’s cooled…" Justin said. He kissed Charlie’s chest as he cuddled with his boyfriend. "Thank you for the tea, it was very sweet of you." Justin said, even if he was wondering now if Chaz had tried to poison him.

"Of course, any time," Justin winced at that, hoping ‘anytime’ was really ‘never again.’ But for now he’d pretend he liked it, because it made Charlie happy, and he hugged his waist tight as exhaustion from sickness made him fall back to sleep.

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