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taweesha replied to your post: if Sunday/Monday are the perfect couple

In my AU, Thursday is asexual and completely off in his own world. XDD

I was actually thinking thats why Tuesday liked him. Its a hopeless attraction, and Wednesday is just unnoticed like “Tue! Look at me! I’m right here next to you and all you can do is long for Thursday!”

OMG…..what am I typing

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    Could I please be Thursday? Please? Pretty please?
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    Yes! Write ALL the fanfiction and do ALL the RP’s!
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    Wait, so are they like…going for the ‘Skins’ of days of the week?
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    …Can I get in on this crazy? Dibs on Thursday or Monday
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    #WE COULD DO LIKE AN RP XDD DAILY RP!!!!!!!! If this happens, Dibs on either Friday or Tuesday
  6. taweesha said: I’m actually loving this.