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I wonder if this means we’ll be getting swordfights in Teen Wolf O_o not sure if that would be more weird or cool, though Danny with a sword… yeah, I’ll take that XDD

Boys with swords, making non-verbal noises, pretending to hate each other.

Keahu could just be taking stage combat—nothing to do with Teen Wolf—because he’s an actor and wants to work on his marketable skills.

But either way this does make me wonder if maybe Danny has known about werewolves all along.  His last name means “full moon”.  What if his family are hunters, too? 

Or!! Maybe there is like, another side to hunters. One’s that joined in, but branched out? Humans that have always been around the supernatural but never a part of it? That are actually defenders of non-rogue wolves? Though they might have done something by now if that was the case, BUT A GIRL CAN HOPE.

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