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"I’ve been waiting for this for over a year now," Charlie said as he looked at the caller ID on his phone. He clicked answer and put the phone to his ear. "Let me guess, you’re in full gear hiding under your desk with the door double locked and a baseball bat in hand?" Charlie said, winking at Justin who gave his boyfriend a knowing smile.

Supply closet and crossbow and you’ve got a match," Dwight said on the end of the line. "Chaz, can I just apologize now for everything I’ve ever done while you were prefect?" Dwight pleaded.

"It was implied with the phone call, what’s new?" Charlie asked.

Windsor is crazy," Dwight replied.

"No, I said what’s NEW," Charlie laughed. Poor kid, he probably shouldn’t be laughing. "Alright, did you try to get them to order and listen to you?"

"Maybe he should donn a fedora and start singing," Justin suggested.

"I heard that," Dwight mumbled.

"Scare the shit out of them," Charlie said pleasantly.

I’m sorry?”

Scare the shit out of them. That’s what I did. You hadn’t transfered yet, but basically I just made it so that everyone figured their options were listen to me or die.” there was silence over the line. “Dwight? Did they get you? Is it too late?”

I have a plan, thanks Chaz,” Dwight said quickly before hanging up.

"You realize," Justin said. "He’s going to shoot freshmen with his crossbow now, right?" Charlie’s eyes grew wide and he dialed Dwight’s speed dial in a panic.

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